Facts about the Company

BÁV Auction House and Pawnshop Private Company Limited by Shares
1027 Budapest, Csalogány u. 23-33.

Tax ID number: 10635892-4-44
Account providing bank: OTP NYRT.
Bank account number: 11794008-20508744-00000000
EURO (IBAN): HU85 1176 3945 0022 1883 0000 0000
USD (IBAN): HU85 1176 3945 0022 1010 0000 0000

The activity of BÁV is simultaneously characterised by the preservation of traditions and efforts at constant renewal, ensuring dynamic development and a close connection to the modern commercial-financial world.


BÁV Art Trading

In its art trading activities, BÁV considers it an important mission to actively participate in the exploration, preservation, and expansion of national cultural treasures, relying on its skills and experiences accumulated over several decades, as well as in the increase of popular understanding of the cultural history conveyed by these objects, to support the development of private and public collections and the efforts of the growing generations to become art collectors. The art trading chain stores of the Company in Budapest and its modern Auction House provide a reliable background for this mission. 
Its auctions that are held several times a year are considered outstanding events in our trading in Hungary.

BÁV Pawnshops

Since the very beginning, BÁV Pawnshops have been one of the leaders of the Hungarian pawnshop market, and as such, it has been one of the most reliable partners for customers using the service.  The pawnshop network of BÁV is available in the country at nearly 100 locations.
The aim of the pawnshop line of business is to earn the satisfaction of its customers by its comprehensive, secure and fast financial services.

BÁV Academy for Appraisers

With its history of over half a century, BÁV Academy for Appraisers has been one of the centres for the training of appraisers in Hungary. Our students receive their training in five specialisations, taught by highly qualified professionals having several decades of experience. Students can learn the fundamentals of the profession of an appraiser at the BÁV Academy in the form of a practical training, where the number of classes provided to them is outstandingly high.